Wall color determines many aspects, from aesthetics to making your home space expand or shrink. Please refer to some of the following principles when choosing the right paint color for your home.

Refrain from using dark colors for the entire house or large walls.

Dark colors for the entire house will likely make you feel frustrated and cramped. You should only use dark colors for small pieces of wall as an accent and you a bright color as the main tone for the whole house.

Choose bright paint colors

Using light wall paint for small spaces is also an important rule. Therefore, for a small house, you should prioritize the use of light tones such as light pink, light yellow, light blue, which are still eye-catching and make small space look brighter, airy, and roomier.

To make the space more vivid, you can cleverly combine the wall color with the color of the furniture in the room to help create a striking accent. Nontheless, you should not blend too many colors together as they will cause glare and discomfort.

Pay attention to color moderation

This is an important rule that homeowners need to keep in mind when painting, especially the room with a small area. Use color smartly but effectively: don’t be so greedy in using many colors since it will make the room cramped. Normally, for a small house, you could blend dark tones of the wooden cabinets and shelves with bright colored chairs, creating the highlight that enhances the elegance of your house.

Reduce contrast

Using too many contrasting colors in the same space will likely make the room more cluttered. In other words, you should only use slightly contrasting color pairs. Avoid using too hot contrasting colors, which will narrow the room area significantly.

Increase the sharpness of the space

Instead of a rampant layout, focus on creating highlights that can help increase the prominence, sharpness and show the the owner’s personality. Therefore, you can use fresh colors such as green, blue, sky blue, light yellow. Concentrating on highlights will enhance the sharpness, aesthetics and effectively enhance your home space.

Widen the plane

Small walls will appear larger if you paint them all in a single color. You can use indoor decorative paint with a gentle, elegant shine to help spread light better, thereby creating more virtual width for the room, or paint the wall trim with a different color. This makes the floor appear wider, thus making the room look larger as well.

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